1938 Murals by John Rea in Waterloo, Indiana (8-22-07) - FotoByFriend

24- Panel 5 Overall_ J.Rea '38_ 8-07_

It is difficult to say from what era a scene like this might have been based; hand-pumper wagons (like the one in this painting) were first shipped to the Colonies from England in the early 1700s. In the early 1800s came the advent of steam-powered pumpers, but the old hand-pumpers remained in service for some time thereafter. Numbers next to the names shown below the scene are keyed to numbers Rea inscribed on the firemen's figures. For example, there is a "7" on the helmet of the fellow manning the hose, and at the bottom left Rea wrote, "Ike, Hoseman, 7."

CR 5